Washing Machine & Dishwasher Repair Service, Twickenham, tw1 & tw2

Local Washing Machine and Dishwasher Repair Services with Twickenham Plumbers

One of our most popular home appliance repairs commonly requested is that of washing machine repairs. While a leaking washing machine may be pushed aside as a minor inconvenience, it can quickly become a more problematic and expensive repair if left ignored. It is always recommended that such problems never remain unchecked, and that the help of a professional is sought in a timely manner.

At Twickenham Plumbers, we are happy to repair faulty washing machines or other appliances at an affordable rate and in your own home, allowing you to save the stress involved with transporting such a large appliance elsewhere. Our washing machine repair services also come with a 6 month guarantee on any and all of our repairs within the Twickenham area. If your washing machine begins to leak or otherwise grows faulty within this 6 month time span, we will be happy to repair it at no additional cost to you!

Washing machines tend to be hardy and durable appliances, and if you wash around 8 loads per week, a standard washing machine should last you around 7 years before any real problems begin to appear; although, as with any appliance, repairs may be needed at any time during its life. The causes behind needed repairs in newer washing machines are typically brought on by users of the machine, rather than the machine itself being at fault. Usually these repairs are simple ones, such as clogs, and are remedied easily.


Twickenham Dishwasher Repairs and Service

Dishwashers tend to have a longer lifespan than washing machines, but as with any appliance, problems are likely to arise at some point during this time. Typically, your dishwasher will only require a service rather than a costly repair, so beware of fixed price rates. Our rates average out to be around £70.00, including parts, for simple repairs, which is a much lower cost than those usually seen within fixed rate pricing. Twickenham Plumbers is happy to offer personalised rates dependent upon your individual appliance servicing needs.

If you think you dishwasher may be in need of repair, simply ring us with your questions or concerns and we will try to diagnose your problem!


Twickenham Appliance Services

At Twickenham Plumbers, we are happy to provide you with local appliance engineers skilled in performing appliance repairs all over the TW1, TW2, Twickenham areas. We offer a personal service to the area not found within larger companies, and we care deeply about each Twickenham area resident we help. All of our appliance inspections and repairs are done with care to their specific makes and models, and by engineers with years of experience in efficiently repairing both dishwashers and washing machines.

For quality appliance services at an affordable rate in the Twickenham Area, call Twickenham Plumbers!

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